Sioux Central FFA Officers

  • The Sioux Central FFA Chapter Officers for 2013-14 are:

    President: Brad Aronson: (11, Junior)
    VP - Student: Carly Huber (11, Junior)
    VP - Chapter: Shena Geisinger: (11, Junior)
    VP - Community: Clayton Ehlers: (11, Junior
    Secretary: Suneva Nielson: (11, Junior)
    Treasurer: Gina Clutter: (11, Junior)
    Reporter: Cassidy Hanson: (10, Sophomore), Staci Nims (9, Freshmen)
    Sentinel: Nick Baack: (10, Sophomore), Corren Olson: (10, Sophomore)
    Parliamentarian: Angelica Baker: (11, Junior)
    Historian: Jordan Bayliss: (11, Junior), Morgan Schomaker: (9, Freshmen
    Junior Advisor: Brandon Gibson (10, Sophomore)

    See how our officers stack up on the Officer Performance Googledoc

    Officer elections are held at the monthly meeting prior to the annual banquet; new officers are announced and sworn in at the banquet.

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