• September 25, 2015

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    With the homecoming football game tomorrow night, this letter serves as a reminder that elementary students MUST be accompanied by an adult upon entering the game. When we attend Sioux Central events, we want it to be a SAFE, CARING, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE experience for all students. Students are encouraged to sit with an adult in the stands or at the very least check in regularly. We have been receiving complaints of elementary students wandering around the athletic complex without adult supervision and using profanity, exhibiting aggressive behavior, and being disrespectful to others. As a community, I'd like us to work together to address this so we are representing Sioux Central with pride and class. We are all there to cheer on the rebels and watch a great game of football, not run around and risk getting into trouble or getting injured. Below are our Sioux Central Elementary Behavior Expectations for athletic events. Please review these with your child(ren). Thank you for your cooperation. GO REBELS! Sioux Central Rebels Rock!


    • Leave aisles open

    • Watch the event

    • Walk not run


    • Sit and stand when appropriate

    • Cheer for others' efforts, do not boo or criticize

    • Be courteous to others around you


    • Stand and remove hats during National Anthem

    • Use appropriate language, be courteous to others

    • Watch the game and cheer on our rebels


    • Move to and from seat during breaks in the game

    • Walk not run

    • Sit by parents during game or check in regularly


    Mrs. Schmidt