KU Strategies - Sentence Writing

  • KU Sentence Writing Strategy will teach you how to identify parts of sentences and how to write and use a variety of sentences in personal writing.

    KU Paraphrasing Strategy will teach you how to identify Topic, Main Idea, and Detail in others writing.
    This is a helpful reading strategy and may be used when forming a written summary to assigned reading projects.

    KU LINCS Strategy for vocabulary will help you make connections that will help you to remember the definition or use of important vocabulary words.

    Think about these things as you enter the new school year:

    How do you use writing on a daily basis?

    How do adults use writing on a daily or weekly basis?

    Why should you learn to write well?

    What is my writing style? How would I rate my current writing practices?

    What goal do I have for writing?

    Mnemonics you will learn and use in connection to the Sentence Writing Strategy