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    Out at MCS Classroom we have been focusing daily on positive behaviors and a building a sense of community. 

    Here at MCS our goal is to provide classroom experiences demonstrating 3 Key Characteristics:
    We will be  Motivated

     Being Motivated means that we want to learn. 
    We are all active listeners.  
    We come to school ready to learn and discover new things. 
    We are focused on our tasks.

      Being Caring means that we are responsible for ensuring that everyone feels valued. 
    We take turns speaking and listening to others. 
    We take pride in our surroundings.
    We listen to others feelings and beliefs and value differences of opinion.

      Being Safe means that we  respect all persons social, emotional, and physical needs.
    We keep a minimum of an arms length from others.
    We use materials and furniture the way they are intended to be used. 
    We use words that encourage and inspire others to do what is right. 

What does being Motivated mean to you?

  • Core Beliefs - Motivation

    Posted by: Kelly Maymon
    I believe being Motivated means that I have an internal reason to want to succeed. 
    Others know I am motivated when I ask questions, add to conversations, and work with others to solve a problem. 
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