Large Group Speech Contest Information

When, Where?

Districts: Saturday, January 21

State: Saturday, February 4

Contest website: 

Bus returning at the end of our performances


*Contest is a state event-it is highly unlikely weather would postpone contest. If weather is an issue, usually the contest host asks we get there when we can get there...Check for weather announcements on our school site and large group speech site. 

Who Can Come?

Anyone! Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends…Please remind your supporters not to wear clothing that displays our school logo. It is a contest rule that we are to remain anonymous. 

How Do I Fix my Hair?

IT HAS TO BE OUT OF YOUR FACE! Pull it back in a ponytail, or pin up your front and sides. THIS IS A MUST!

What Do I Wear?

Ladies, it is recommended you wear long skirt or dress pants and a nice dress top that is appropriate. To test if it is appropriate, raise your hands to the sky, and if your stomach shows, it is not long enough. Bend over; if you show anything, it is not covering enough! Gentleman, dress shoes, slacks, nice shirt will be fine. Wear dress socks with dress shoes! Jeans are not acceptable.  Be conservative in your dress. Remember to leave your Rebel wear at home! Also, make sure your clothes are ironed. Avoid big jewelry-this can be distracting! 

What Do I Bring?

Your script! Anything you might need: medicine, contact solution, mints… You will want to bring money because there will be concessions at the contest. Avoid soft drinks since this does not do much for your voice. You can change your clothes after you perform, but NO PAJAMAS! School appropriate clothing is a must! There is no place to LOCK items, so bringing a laptop is NOT RECOMMENDED. The school will be filled with people, so it is likely that the laptop would be damaged.

What Do I Eat?

 Yum, yum FOOD! Contest sites do a great job of feeding the crowd. You are not allowed to LEAVE contest to eat.  There are numerous options at contest for you to fill your bellies! Drink water, avoid soda. Make sure you eat healthy, so you are feeling well for your performance. 

When Do I Perform?

Look at the schedule (as soon as we have it)! As soon as you get to contest, check out your room! Find your center. Sometimes people scratch so you might perform ahead of schedule! Scratching happens a lot at districts, so chances are you will perform earlier! RT and CR groups-you will have a warm-up time in the gym prior to performance. Make sure you are there to warm-up at the time assigned. Of course, if your performance time is moved up due to scratches, your warm-up time will be moved up as well. Make sure your parents and supporters understand that you could be performing earlier than scheduled. We would hate for anyone to miss your performance. 

What Do I Bring to Perform?

Make sure you have your scripts and comment sheets. At State, you have three judges, so you will need three comment sheets. Get your scripts on construction paper. If you are television news, radio news, you need to have a copy of your script. Your judge will ask for this. Of course, you will need to bring your DVD or CD. DO A SOUND CHECK!!! 

The Performance

WAIT TO START UNTIL 1) You  are announced 2) Everyone is in place 3)The room announcer is sitting down again 4) The judge is smiling at you-showing you he/she is ready. WHEN YOU FINISH 1) Put your heads down 2) When clapping starts, lift your head-smile 3) Leave the room!

Improvisation-a note for you!

You will draw your situations most likely when the judge is talking to the group before you. Think through your situations. Use your staging area. Remember to be appropriate-I am strict! WAIT to start until the judge is smiling at you. 

What Do I Do When I Am Not Performing?

We are so glad you asked. Practice your piece, and you can support our speech team by watching your peers. Remember to be quiet in the hallways and be respectful. You never know, there could be a judge lurking in the hallways. You want to give a good impression. Show yourself, others, the school, and the judges respect! Do not put others down. Do not make negative comments. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, BE QUIET!


You must have a note from a parent if you are riding with them. This has to be to us by Friday. Sometimes it is hard to find us at contest… If you are leaving early, we also need that information. We suggest that you support your teammates. 

ADVICE from your directors:

Watch some performers in your center, but not in your time block. Listen to what the judge says to them. Make those improvements in your own work. SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT-project your voice. Carpeted rooms suck up the sound. Practice! You can get a lot done, and you can make last minute improvements the day of contest. HAVE FUN! Be confident in yourself. YOU ARE DOING WHAT MOST FEAR MORE THAN DEATH. Get to bed at a decent time before contest. Think through your script, what you are doing when. Number your pages. Make sure they are in order, and then check again. Breath! Realize everyone there is there because they want to perform, or they want to watch a performance. Respect your fellow performer by being quiet in the hallways. NO CELLS! NO GUM! 

We are proud of your hard work and enthusiasm. We wish you the best on Saturday. Have fun! BREAK A LEG!

If you have questions, email or call! (641)-229-6062