• The Assassination of Julius Caesar


    Scene 1: A street in Rome
         Because Caesar has returned form his victory over Pompey's sons, the working people of Rome have a day off to celebrate. Flavius and Marullus, two Roman officers, are angered by the celebration because they see Caesar as a threat to Rome's Republican rule. They disperse the crowd and remove banners and signs honoring Caesar

    Scene 2:
         With a full entourage, Caesar marches through the streets of Rome;he has arrived just before the races that are a part of the celebration of the Feast of Luprecal. From out of the crowd, a soothsayer warns Caesar to "Beware the Ideas of March." Caesar dismisses the man as a dreamer and continues with his attendants.
         Lagging behind, two Roman senators begin discussing their fears that Caesar will gain even greater power and take away the powers of their class of Roman aristocracy.  Cassius, a political enemy of Caesar, begins to flatter Brutus, a friend of Caesar. Cassius's flattery is designed to probe Brutus's feelings about Caesar's growing power and to determine if Brutus is willing to join the conspiracy to kill Caesar.
        Caesar returns from the races adn sees Cassius and Brutus talking. He tells Antony that he doesn't trust Cassius because he has a "lean and hungry look."
        Casca tells Cassius and Brutus that the crowds offered Caesar a crown three times and that Caesar refused it each time, although reluctantly. This information adds to the misgivings that the man already have about Caesar. Brutus admits that he is dissatisfied and agrees to talk to Cassius about his feelings.

    Scene 3:
         During a violent, stormy night, Cassius recruits Casca to the conspiracy despite warnings the storm seems to hold. In a further attempt to recruit Brutus, Cassius instructs Cinna, a fellow conspirator, to place an anonymous note in Brutus's chair, throw one through Brutus's window, and fix yet another note to the statue of Brutus's father.

    Conspirators, soothsayer, exalted, servile, barren, countenance, torrent, blunt, portentous


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