June 19, 2017 Meeting

  • Sioux Central Community School District

    Board of Directors Regular Meeting

    June 19, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

    Sioux Central Library

    Sioux Rapids, Iowa 50585


    1)   Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

    2)   Welcome Visitors

    3)   Approve/Amend Agenda

    4)   Reports

    a)      Superintendent’s Report File

    b)      Secondary Principal’s Report File

    c)      Elementary Principal’s Report File

    d)      Business Manager’s Report File

    5)   Consent Items

    a)      Minutes

    i)        May 15, 2017

    ii)      May 22, 2017

    b)      Financial Reports

    i)        Account Balances

    ii)      Bills

    c)      School Board Policies:

    i)        Review of School Board Policies 705.1-705.7

    d)      Personnel Items

    i)        Hires

    (1)   Carly Lehnhoff – Transitional Kindergarten

    (2)   Siri Hansen – Assistant Large Group Speech

    (3)   Nicole Fisher – Transition Classroom Teacher (MCS)

    (4)   Lisa Christians – Student Council Sponsor

    (5)   Katlynn Luinstra – K-12 Art

    (6)   Rob McCartney –Director IT Contract Position

    ii)      Resignations

    (1)   Rebecca Newhouse – Spring Play Director Conditional on replacement found

    (2)   Stacy Brown – Junior High Volleyball Conditional 1-year if no replacement found

    (3)   Katlyn Loeschen - K-12 Art / Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball

    e)      Open Enrollments

    i)        In

    ii)      Out

    (1)   Sam Kirchner – 4th Grade, Storm Lake Public

    (2)   Jaden Degner – 7th Grade, Alta-Aurelia

    6)   Action Items

    a)    Family Activity Ticket $225  (2016-17 charge $225)

    b)   National Honor Society – Negative Balance Loan $1,264

    c)    Superintendent Contract – Language allowing reduction of salary if the Laurens Marathon - Sioux Central sharing agreement is terminated.

    d)   Chevy 2500 Van 1998 – Salvage Sealed Bid

    i)     154,000 miles

    ii)   Pictures Outside  Inside

    e)    GWAEA PowerSchool Agreement for 2017-2018.

    f)    Classified Staff Wage Increases

    i)     Average 10cents $8,000

    ii)   Average 15 cents $12,000

    iii) Average 20 cents $16,000

    g)    ISU Contract Agreement for Student Teaching

    h)   Instructional Support Levy Public Vote

    i)     Carpet Quote

    j)     Nutrition Bids

    i)     Dairy

    (1) Anderson Erickson

    (2) Dean Foods

    ii)   Bakery

    (1) Bimbo Bakeries

    (2) Pan O Gold

    k)   First Reading of Board Policy 710.1A  (New Legislation requires added information in the policy.  One item is the policy must state how a family can add money to the prepaid account )

    l)     Water to Bus Barn – Christian Bros. $5,000

    m)  Student Handbook   Summary of Changes


    7)   Discussion Items

    1. a) Board Comments and Future Agenda Planning
    2. i) 2018 Travers and Equinox models from Edwards

    (1)   Traverse

    (2)   Equinox 

    1. ii) 505 Elm Street Gymnasium and Daycare Security

    (1)   Walsh Security Quotes

    iii)    All Sharing Agreements Approved in July

    (1)   AC-T:  Counselor and Band Director

    (2)   CCE:  Human Resources and School Business Official

    (3)   Laurens Marathon:  TAG Instructor, Superintendent (Approved), & Transportation Director (New Discussion)

    1. iv) Custodial Vision
    2. b) Copier Lease
    3. i) Marco
    4. ii) Access Systems
    5. c) Facility Upgrade
    6. d) Capital Projects
    7. e) Open Positions
    8. f) Talking Points

    8)   Adjourn





                                                                                       Jenna Falline, Board Secretary*



    *Persons with disabilities should contact Jenna Falline by 3:00 P.M. on the day of the meeting.