May 15, 2017 Meeting

  •  Sioux Central Community School District

    Board of Directors Regular Meeting

    May 15, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

    Sioux Central Library

    Sioux Rapids, Iowa 50585


    1)      Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

    2)      Welcome Visitors

    3)      Approve/Amend Agenda

    4)      Reports

    a)      Superintendent’s Report File  

    b)      Secondary Principal’s Report File

    c)      Elementary Principal’s Report File

    d)      Business Manager’s Report

    5)      Consent Items

    a)      Minutes April 11, 2017

    b)      Minutes April 20, 2017

    c)      Minutes April 21, 2017

    d)      Minutes May 5, 2017

    e)      Financial Reports

    i)        Account Balances

    ii)      Bills

    f)       School Board Policies:

    i)        Review of School Board Policies 702 & 703.1-703.2 &704.1-704.5

    g)      Personnel Items

    i)        Hires

    (1)   Jennifer Sammons – Wrestling Cheer Sponsor

    (2)   Mitch Fahnlander – JH Boys Baseball and Assistant Varsity Football

    (3)   Hailey Falline – JH Softball

    (4)   Jaynee Smith – Intervention/Title Teacher

    (5)   Lindsy Sells – 6th Grade Teacher 

    ii)      Resignations

    (1)   Eileen Tjeerdsma – All Duties (Early Retirement)

    (2)   Curtis Maassen – All Duties

    (3)   Andrea Queisner – Third Grade

    (4)   Rainie Perry – MCS Teacher

    (5)   Jennifer Cunningham – Transitional Kindergarten

    (6)   Keith Stoeber – File

    (7)   Brian Johnson – All Duties

    h)      Open Enrollments

    i)        In

    ii)      Out

    (1)   Malik Wilson – 8th Grade Storm Lake Public

    6)      Action Items

    a)      Fees

    b)      Nutrition Fees – Required average is $2.49, allowed to round down to nearest 5 cents for a weighted average of $2.45.  (Based upon October 2016 lunch count)

    i)        Lunches


    Scenario #1

    Scenario #2

    Scenario #3

    Scenario #4


    $2.35  (+.05)

    $2.40  (+.10)

    $2.40  (+.10)

    $2.35  (+.05)

    Grades 4-12

    $2.50  (+.05)

    $2.55  (+.10)

    $2.50  (+.05)

    $2.55  (+.10)

    Weighted Average





    ii)      Breakfast

    Student      $2.00  

    Adult         $2.20

    Reduced    Set by the State

    iii)    Milk

    c)      Other Fees

    i)         Textbook

    ii)       College Credit Class Book Fee

    iii)      Student Personal Projects

    iv)     Student Parking

    v)       Instrument Rental

    vi)     Activity Tickets

    (1)     Grades TK-12

    (2)     Adults

    (3)     Family (Household members only)

    vii)    Non-Conference and Non-District Events

    (1)     High School

    (2)     Junior High




    d)      Sharing Agreements

    i)        Librarian .10 FTE Sioux Central, .50 FTE Gilmore City-Bradgate, .40 FTE West Bend-Mallard

    e)      Early Graduation Requests

    i)        Caden Krager

    ii)      Manuel Menchaca

    iii)    Trey Herrig

    iv)    Ryan Sunbland

    f)       Purchase a used 8-passenger van from Edwards Chevrolet $9,000 Agreement

    g)      Facility Upgrade Hasselhoff Construction Payment $104,888.09

    h)      Flex Day – Deduct Day

    i)        Walsh Quote for Access File

    j)        Student Assurance Services as student supplemental insurance Flyer

    k)      SU Insurance Proposal Quote

    l)        Declare Ranco walk-in cooler as salvage – Purchased used in

    m)    Master Contract with Sioux Central Education Association File

    n)      Other Personnel Salaries and Wages

    i)        Salaries

    ii)      Wages – Increases do not exceed $12,000

    o)      Instructional Support Levy – Public Vote? (This could be tabled to June)



    7)      Discussion Items

    a)      Board Comments and Future Agenda Planning

    i)        Band and Choir Trip during May Term.  Approved by the Board May, 2016.

    ii)      Instructional Support Levy – Information you want before action on a public vote

    iii)    Facility Usage – Small Businesses using the facility for profit

    b)      Facility Upgrade

    c)      Capital Projects

    d)      Open Positions

    i)           High School Large Group Speech

    ii)         High School Assistant Varsity Football

    iii)       High School Head Wrestling

    iv)       Junior High Wrestling

    v)         Junior Class Sponsor

    vi)       Junior High Girls Basketball

    vii)     Assistant Varsity Football

    viii)   Substitute (Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Food Service, Bus)

    e)      Talking Points

    8)      Adjourn



                                                                                       Jenna Falline, Board Secretary*



    *Persons with disabilities should contact Jenna Falline by 3:00 P.M. on the day of the meeting.