April 11, 2017 Meeting

  • Sioux Central Community School District

    Board of Directors Regular Meeting

    April 11, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

    Sioux Central Library

    Sioux Rapids, Iowa 50585


    1)   Roll Call and Determination of Quorum


    2)   Closed Session:  Section 21.5:  Evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance, or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation and that individual requests a closed session.


    3)   Hearings

    a)   Budget Hearing @ 7:00 PM

    b)   Calendar Hearing immediately following budget hearing

    4)   Welcome Visitors

    5)   Approve/Amend Agenda

    6)   Presentation of Negotiation Proposals

    a)   Sioux Central Education Association Initial Proposal

    b)   Board of Directors Initial Proposal

    Current Iowa state law requires negotiations to open at a board meeting.

    All other negotiations will occur through the negotiation committee.  New legislation requires all negotiation to re-open.

    7)   Reports

    a)      Superintendent’s Report  Budget Presentation

    b)      Secondary Principal’s Report File

    c)      Elementary Principal’s Report

    d)      Business Manager’s Report

    8)   Consent Items

    a)      Minutes March 20, 2017

    b)      Minutes April 4, 2017 Work Session

    c)      Financial Reports

    i)       Account Balances


    iii)    Bills

    d)      School Board Policies:

    i)       Review of School Board Policies 700 & 701.1 - 701.6

    e)      Personnel Items

    i)       Hires

    (1)    Jennifer Sammons – Wrestling Cheer Sponsor

    ii)     Resignations

    (1)    Jeff Tiefenthaler – Junior High Girls Basketball

    (2)    Andrew Scott – 6th Grade Classroom Teacher

    (3)    Stephanie Scott – Elementary Title I Teacher

    (4)    Al Vasher – Wrestling Cheer Sponsor

    f)       Open Enrollments

    i)       In

    (1)    Kaydence Rutter – 8th Grade from Spencer

    ii)     Out

    9)   Action Items

    a)   Instructional Support Levy

    i)    Accept the petition

    (1) Rescind resolution to participate in the Instructional Support Levy program

    (2) Direct Buena Vista County Commissioner of elections to submit a question of participation in the program for a period not exceeding ten years to the registered voters of the district at election on a date specified in Iowa Code 39.2(4)(c)

    b)   Budget Approval

    c)   Calendar Approval

    d)   Expected Graduation List Approval

    e)   Reduction In Force - Process

    f)    Nutrition

    i)    Adult Meal Prices – Federal law states adult meal prices must be at least $3.54 in FY18.  Current price is $3.45, recommend raise to $3.60.

    ii)  Student Meal Prices

    g)   Diesel Fuel Bids

    i)    First Co-op 5 cents off retail

    ii)  Ag Partners

    10) Discussion Items

    a)      Board Comments and Future Agenda Planning

    i)       Graduation May 21, 2017 attendance

    b)      Facility Upgrade

    c)      Capital Projects

    d)      Open Positions

    i)       High School Large Group Speech

    ii)     Junior High Wrestling

    iii)    Junior Class Sponsor

    iv)    Junior High Baseball

    v)      Junior High Softball

    vi)    Junior High Girls Basketball

    vii)Substitute (Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Food Service, Bus)

    e)Talking Points

    11) Adjourn



                                        Jenna Falline, Board Secretary*