March 20, 2017 Meeting

  • Sioux Central Community School District

    Instructional Support Levy Hearing

    March 20, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

    Sioux Central Library

    Sioux Rapids, Iowa 50585


    1)   Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

    2)   Welcome Visitors

    3)   Presentations

    4)   Approve/Amend Agenda

    5)   Reports

    a)      Superintendent’s Report  File

    b)      Secondary Principal’s Report File

    c)      Elementary Principal’s Report File

    d)      Business Manager’s Report File

    6)   Consent Items

    a)      Minutes February 20, 2017

    b)      Minutes March 13, 2017 ISL Hearing

    c)      Financial Reports

    i)       Account Balances

    ii)     Bills

    d)      School Board Policies:

    i)       Review of School Board Policies 607.1-607.4 & 608

    e)      Personnel Items

    i)       Hires

    (1)    Siri Storesund Hanson – Secondary Spanish

    ii)     Resignations

    (1)    Anna Hoogeveen – Secondary Spanish

    f)       Open Enrollments

    i)       In

    (1)    Reid Bruggman – 3rd Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (2)    Sadie Bruggman – 5th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (3)    Max Bruggman – 7th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (4)    Ethan Runneberg – 10th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (5)    Elizabeth Runneberg – 9th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (6)    Jadelyn Richardson – 11th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (7)    Keirah Anderson – 9th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (8)    Kyle McClintic – 10th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (9)    Sydney Harrold – 11th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (10) Victoria Reese – 11th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    (11) Mia Shannon – 10th Grade from Laurens-Marathon

    ii)     Out

    7)   Action Items

    a)   Purchase Auto-Scrubber Purchase 24 inch $8,270

    b)   Purchase Replacement Boilers $47,028.17

    c)   Laurens Marathon Sharing

    i)    TAG Sharing Agreement (80% SC and 20% LM)

    ii)  Nutrition Sharing Agreement (80% SC and 20% LM)

    iii) Superintendent Sharing Agreement with Laurens Marathon (60% and 40%)

    d)   Summer School Funding

    e)   Pre-School Tuition

    i)    4-year old $250

    ii)  3-year old $400

    f)    Whole Grade Sharing Agreement Amendments(2nd Reading) (Chapter 24 Resources)

    8)   Discussion Items

    a)      Board Comments and Future Agenda Planning

    i)       IASB Board Workshop March 21 Sheldon, Iowa @ 5:30 PM

    b)      Facility Upgrade

    c)      Capital Projects

    d)      Open Positions

    i)       High School Large Group Speech

    ii)     Junior High Wrestling

    iii)    Junior Class Sponsor

    iv)    Junior High Baseball

    v)      Junior High Softball

    vi)    Substitute (Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Food Service, Bus)

    e)      Talking Points

    9)   Adjourn



                                        Jenna Falline, Board Secretary*



    *Persons with disabilities should contact Jenna Falline by 3:00 P.M. on the day of the meeting.