January 16, 2017 Meeting

  • Sioux Central Community School District

    Board of Directors Regular Meeting

    January 17, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

    Sioux Central Library

    Sioux Rapids, Iowa 50585

    Meeting moved to Tuesday, January 17, 2017 because of weather forecast

    1)   Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

    2)   Welcome Visitors

    3)   Presentations

    4)   Approve/Amend Agenda

    5)   Presentation of Proposals

    a)    Sioux Central Education Association Initial Proposal

    b)   Board of Directors Initial Proposal

    Current Iowa state law requires negotiations open at a board meeting.

    All other negotiations will occur through the negotiation committee.

    6)   Reports

    a)      Superintendent’s Report  File

    b)      Secondary Principal’s Report File

    c)      Elementary Principal’s Report File

    d)      Business Manager’s Report File

    e)      Teacher Leadership Compensation Report File

    7)   Consent Items

    a)      Minutes

    i)        December 19, 2016

    b)      Financial Reports

    i)        Account Balances

    ii)      Bills

    c)      School Board Policies:

    i)        Review of School Board Policies 605.1-605.8

    d)      Personnel Items

    i)        Hire

    (1)   Reagan McDaniel – 6-8th Grade Special Education Teacher

    e)      Open Enrollments

    i)        In

    ii)      Out

    8)   Action Items

    a)    Walsh quote for cameras in new facility and replacement of old Quote

    b)   Mike’s Lawn Service Contract

    c)    The Promise of Iowa – Resolution of Support

    d)   Auditor proposals – Select Firm from Request For Proposals File

    e)    Haselhoff Payment #21 $40,134.16

    9)   Discussion Items

    a)      Board Comments and Future Agenda Planning

    i)        Thor Nielson – Armed Services Recognition Plaque

    ii)      IASB Board Workshop March 21 Sheldon, Iowa @ 5:30 pm

    iii)    Correspondence

    iv)    Sharing scenarios

    v)      School Calendar

    vi)    Driver’s Education

    vii)  AC-T Whole Grade Sharing changes

    (1)   Financial Supplemental Funds more detailed

    (2)   Count date for second semester was changed by the legislature.  Changed to second Friday in January from third Friday in February.

    viii)            Mandatory points of emphasis in Board Policy for Meal Charges File

    b)      Facility Upgrade

    c)      Capital Projects

    d)      Open Positions

    e)      Talking Points






                                                                                       Jenna Falline, Board Secretary*



    *Persons with disabilities should contact Jenna Falline by 3:00 P.M. on the day of the meeting.