Mrs. Huebner's Biography

  •      Hi!  My name is Marla Huebner.  I will tell you a little about myself.  As an elementary student, I was a Everly Cattlefeeder.  From middle school through high school, I was an Albert City-Truesdale Hurricane, so I have been in this area for my whole life.  
         I started teaching in Peterson, IA when it was still Sioux Valley.  I was a teacher aide in the fifth grade classroom.  Then I moved to Linn Grove and took the teacher aide position in the kindergarten classroom for three years.  At that time, I applied for the fifth grade position in Rembrandt, IA.  We were the Sioux Rapids-Rembrandt Cougars at that time.  (I know, this is really dating me!)  I also coached high school girl's basketball for three years.  I was in the fifth grade classroom for quite a number of years, until I took the charter school position for three years.  I then taught sixth grade for three years.  Now I am currently back teaching fifth grade.  I have been teaching here for 33 years.  
         I have three children.  Adam is the oldest, and he is working in Cherokee for Hyvee and does tiling on the side.  He has a son, Jax, who is a couple of months old with Lisa and her two children, Bode and Delaina. Kasey is my middle child, and he is working at the Spirit Lake Community School, as the elementary principal.  He is married to Terri, and they are living in their new home in Spirit Lake with my grandson, Kedrick and their dog, Mia.  Kirsten is our third child, and she is living in Peterson with her husband, Ryan Donahoo and their daughter, Marley.  Of course we can't forget, Wally, my little Yorkie dog.  
        I live on a farm close to Sioux Rapids.   I love teaching and believe that every child can learn!