• Dear Parents,
    We are off to a busy start in Kindergarten. In kindergarten we begin by learning alphabet letters and sounds. You may hear your child say, "We did PWIM today at school."
    You may ask yourself "What is PWIM?" PWIM stands for Picture Word Inductive Model. With PWIM, the children look at a large poster and find words that describe the picture. These words are written by the teacher on the outside border of the picture. Then word cards are made and the children use the words in many ways. The children learn to "sort" the words by category (all the words that begin with "s" or all the words that are color words), they spell the words (f-l-a-g), count word parts (ta/ble = 2 syllables), and use the words in sentences.
    Eventually the children produce and write sentences that become paragraphs. Yes, we write paragraphs in Kindergarten! It's a collaborative effort and the children experience the writing process from beginning to end. PWIM is a part of our reading, science and Social Studies programs. We listen to a lot of books about a topic and go deep into a subject.
     Becoming a reader is a very exciting process for your child, so CELEBRATE their accomplishments!
    Mrs. Scuffham