ABC's of Kindergarten


    The ABC’s of Kindergarten 



    Absences- Excessive absences hinder a child's progress. If your child is absent, please notify the office with the reason for the absence.


    Attendance- Regular school attendance is essential for your child to make the most of his/her education. Please make every effort to have  your child in school everyday.


    Arrival- Your child should come to school no earlier than 8:00 A.M. Students are to go directly to the playground with their backpack (weather permitting) or to the lunchroom for breakfast. The children line up by class and are brought into the classroom at 8:10. Students are not allowed in the building before the bell rings at 8:10 unless eating breakfast in the lunchroom or in the case of inclement weather. Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:20.




    Birthdays- Birthdays are very important to children and we will have a special time of celebration for each child. If your child has a summer birthday we will be arranging a time to celebrate during the school year. If you would like to send treats for the class on your child's birthday you may do so. Invitations to a birthday party held outside school are not allowed to be handed out at school unless everyone in the class is invited.


    Book Orders- We will be sending home Scholastic book orders each month for you and your child to look over. These book orders are a great way to build a personal library for your child, as the books are reasonably priced. Please do not feel obligated to order. If you do choose to place an order, you may order online using our class code (H6HR7) or by sending your order form to school. Please make checks payable to Scholastic. No cash please. The books will be sent home with your child when they arrive.




    Celebrity Readers- A Celebrity Reader is a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend of one of our students. They bring a favorite book to our classroom and spend a few minutes reading it to us. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to arrange a time to come and be a Celebrity Reader. 


    Chair Covers- Each child has a cloth chair cover to use for storage at their table. Occasionally we have had problems with a child using their scissors to cut on their chair cover. Should your child purposely damage their cover, you will be charged $9.00 to replace it.


    Clothing- Please dress your child in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for kindergarten. It is a good idea to label all coats, sweaters, and sweatshirts.


    Conferences- There are school wide conferences held during the first and third quarters. If you feel the need to contact us at any time,  please call the school, send a note, or e-mail to schedule a conference.


    Communication-Communication between home and school is very important. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school, write a note in your child's Communication Envelope or message me through Class DoJo or e-mail. 





    Discipline- I like my classroom to be a positive environment where all the children feel safe and happy. At Sioux Central we use a schoolwide plan called "Positive Behavior Intervention Supports", PBIS. You have recieved a sheet explaining our expectations in Kindergarten. We will rehearse and discuss these expectations often. If a child breaks a rule these will be the consequences:


    The child will put a colored pop-stick that matches the color of the rule they broke in their pocket on our behavior chart.


    1st Stick= short time-out in the classroom (They will still be able to hear instruction.)

    2nd Stick= longer time-out in the classroom.
    3rd Stick=The loss of a privilege (example: could be no playtime at recess, I have them walk back and
                 forth on the cement, so they still get fresh air and exercise).
    4th Stick= A visit to the principal's office.
    Each day is a fresh start.


    Dismissal- Dismissal is at 3:30 P.M. If you are picking your child up, please wait for them in the hallway by the elementary office, as the last few moments of the day can be rather hectic and the children do not need any added distractions.





    Email- I can be reached by email at the school address




    Field Trips-  You will be asked to sign a permission slip to allow us to take your child on any field trips. 





    Guidance- Our elementary school counselor is  Mrs. Wendy Wildeman. 



    Homework- Your child will have occasional homework. It will be sent home in your child's Communication Envelope. Any homework assigned should take no more than 10 minutes.




    Illness- Please do not send your child to school if he/she has a temperature or has vomited. Please wait 24 hours after having a temperature to return to school. If your child becomes sick at school, you will be called to come and get your child.



    Journal Writing- We will spend some time writing in journals. Journal writing is a process that may begin with drawings and/or scribbles. You should see a growth in your child's writing as we move through the year.



    Kindergarten Communication Envelope- Each child will have a plastic envelope that will be sent back and forth between home and school daily.   When there are notes from the office, newsletters, or homework assigned, it will be placed inside the envelope. Please check your child's bag daily for this envelope. Look at the contents and return it to their bag, so it will be returned the next morning. Please enclose anything that you want sent to school (example: lunch money, book orders, notes to the teacher, etc...). I will be looking in the folders each morning. This will allow us to stay in touch and help your child to be organized and ready to learn.



    Library- Our class will visit the school library each week on Tuesday. Our school librarian will assist the children in how to use the library and check out books. They will be able to check out two books each week. Please make sure your child returns their books each week. They will not be allowed to check out additional books if the previous books have not been returned. 



    Mailboxes- Your child will have a mailbox in our classroom for completed papers and projects to be sent home. Mailboxes will be emptied daily. Please take time with your child to look over his/her papers and discuss what they have done. It's a great way to let them know that you think what they are doing at school is important.


    Milk- We will have a milk break each afternoon. This is a choice and the cost of milk is taken from the family lunch account. Parents whose children are served by the free/reduced lunch program will need to deposit money to pay for afternoon milk.




    News- Classroom news will be shared on the Class DoJo app. Anything that may need to be easily referenced will be posted on my classroom website.


    Nurse- Our school nurse is Mrs. Marikay Kottke. Please contact her with concerns about your child's health. (712-283-2571 Voice Mail: Option 3) 

    Personal Web site:




    Outside- Your child will have recess outside daily, weather permitting. The school policy is that recess will be outside unless the wind chill is below 0 degrees. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.



    Parties- We will have three class parties throughout the year. Parents will be asked to sign up to help with one party. We will have a party for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day.



    Questions- Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns about your child's education.






    Report Cards- You will receive a report card sharing your child's progress each nine weeks.


    Rules- Our classroom rules are: 


                                   1.Listen when your teacher is talking.

                                   2.Follow directions quickly.

                                   3.Respect others, respect yourself, respect your school. 

                                   4.Raise your hand to speak or stand.

                                   5.Be safe, be honest, be kind.



    Read- Read to your child daily. Being read to helps your child gain background knowledge and vocabulary, provides them with a reading role model, and helps them to associate reading with pleasure.


    Rebel of the Week- Local businesses from the area graciously sponsor an ad in the Bulletin Press titled "Rebel of the Week". Your child will be spotlighted sometime during the school year (with your permission).


    Rest Time- We will rest for a short time each afternoon. Your child will need a large towel to rest on. As the year progresses students will have the option to read during rest time. I will be meeting with small groups and helping students finish late work, etc, during this time as well.





    Shoes- Children are required to have separate shoes for use on the gym floor in P.E. class. These shoes will be kept in their cubby in our classroom. You will want to label them with your child's name or initials. The backside of the shoes tongue is a good place. When it is boot weather, your child may wear PE shoes in the building, so you do not need to send an extra pair. The PE shoes cannot be worn outside the building.


    Sight Words- There are 100 basic sight words that students at Sioux Central are expected to know before leaving kindergarten. We will be introducing 25 words each quarter and  will be doing many activities with the words in class. We will let you know what the words are each quarter, please help your child by practicing them at home.



    Transportation- If your child will be going home a different way than their usual routine, please notify the school or send a note. I will not let your child go with another adult or a different way unless we have been notified. If you need to notify me about a change in your child's transportation during the school day, please call to assure I get the message before dismissal.


    Toys- Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school. 





    Visitors- If you are visiting in our classroom, school policy requires that you stop in the office, sign in, and get a visitors name tag. This is for the safety of the students.



    Welcome to Kindergarten!



    We  eXpect it to be an eXcellent...




    Year of learning with your child.





    ZZZZ's- Make sure your child gets plenty of rest each night. Kindergarten students require 10 -12 hours of sleep a day. It is important for your child to be alert and ready to learn each day. Set a bedtime and be consistent.




















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