PBIS and Classroom Rules


    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
    Sioux Central has four school-wide behavioral expectations:
    Safety, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility
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    Kindergarten Classroom Rules
    1. Listen when your teacher is talking.
    2. Follow directions quickly.
    3. Respect others, respect yourself, respect your school.
    4. Raise your hand to speak or stand.
    5. Be safe, be honest, be kind.
    Consequences When Breaking a Rule
    Students pull a colored stick and put it in a pocket chart by their name when they misbehave. This serves as a visual reminder to the child and makes it possible for me to report student behaviors on DoJo at the end of each day. The rules are color coded, so we know which rule has been broken. When they pull a stick, it comes with a consequence (listed below). Sticks are cleared at the end of the school day, so each morning begins with a clean slate. Keep in mind that before I ever have a child pull a stick, they have received several reminders from me in an attempt to reteach the correct behavior. 
    1st Stick= short time out in the classroom (They will still be able to hear instruction.)
    2nd Stick= longer time out in the classroom.
    3rd Stick= The loss of a privilege (example: could be no playtime at recess, I have them walk back and
                 forth on the cement, so they still get fresh air and exercise).
    4th Stick= A visit to the principal's office.
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