Parent Player Handbook

  • Parent and Player Handbook

    Junior High Girl’s Basketball


    Meet the Coaches

    My name is Nicole Snyder, and I am originally from Holstein, IA.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Coaching from Buena Vista University in May of 2017.  I student taught at Sioux Central with Mr. Wildeman, and I fell in love with the people here!  I now work as the School Liaison, coach Junior High Girl’s Basketball, and also I serve as the Assistant Cross Country Coach.  

    I was a member of the BVU Women’s Basketball team for four years, and I was blessed to have served as a co-captain my senior season.  Basketball is my passion!  I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and continuing to grow with all of you!

    Coach Snyder

    My name is Katlynn Luinstra, and I am from Harris, IA. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education and Coaching from the University of Northern Iowa in December of 2016. I student taught at G-T/R-A and Spirit Lake. I am very happy to be working at Sioux Central as the K-12 Art teacher and coaching Junior High Girl’s Basketball.


    I started playing basketball in 4th grade and continued throughout Middle School and High School at Lake Park. When I was at UNI, I found a way to continue with basketball through coaching upper elementary students with the Kappa Delta Pi group. I look forward to helping develop your skills and enjoying the game of basketball together.


    Coach Luinstra

    Our Philosophy 

    It is important to note that you are first a STUDENT and then an athlete.  Be organized in the classroom, and work hard to get your homework done during the day.  If you have to miss class for a game, you are expected to collect your homework prior to class that day.  The ineligible list gets sent out at the end of each week.  If you are on this list for one week, you are expected to be at practice, but you cannot participate in competition. If you are on the list for two consecutive weeks, you will be asked to stay after school to work on homework.  

    With that being said, Junior High sports are a fun and exciting time!  However, there is much to learn and not much time to teach, practice, or master these skills.  Putting in time outside of practice will help develop you as an athlete. It is necessary to put in additional work if you want to get better.  The more reps you can get, the better off you will be.  We need to use our short time together wisely and effectively.  This means being on time and mentally/physically prepared each and every day.  

    Sports are a great way to stay healthy and to maintain positive relationships with peers.  Even better yet, sports build character.  Our job as coaches is to provide you with endless opportunities to grow in whatever ways we can: physically, emotionally, athletically, intellectually, socially, etc. Your job as a student-athlete is to accept this challenge and to let us mold you into responsible, respectful, outstanding, caring, strong-willed, mentally tough individuals. 

    Chain of Command

    Conflicts are bound to arise, and we understand that.  We want to keep open lines of communication as much as possible.  

    1. If there is an issue, the first step is for the player to respectfully communicate this concern to the coaches.  
    2. If the coach and player are unable to resolve the concern together, then a parent may contact the coach. 
    3. If the discussion with the coach does not resolve the issue, parents and coaches may contact the Athletic Director to discuss the situation at hand.  
    4. If the Athletic Director is unable to provide satisfactory solution, the parent may contact the appropriate administrator. 

    Coaches Expectations

    • Coaches will be dedicated to the sport, to the program, and to the development of the athletes’ skill, character, and overall self. 
    • Coaches will understand that this is a learning atmosphere and will be patient with each of the athletes. 
    • Coaches will put the athletes first. 
    • Coaches will hold the athletes accountable and push them to be the best version of themselves. 
    • Coaches will demonstrate examples of good conduct in school, practice, and competition.
    • Coaches will make the best use of the available time for practice by being organized and efficient. 

    Player Expectations

    • Academics- In order to be eligible, any player may not have more than 4 FDA’s in a week or any F’s in any classes.  If you are ineligible, you will not be allowed to travel with the team to any away games that week.  Players who are consistently ineligible may be dismissed from the team.
    • Conduct and Representation- When playing for a team, you are not only representing yourself.  You are also representing the team, the school, and the community as a whole.  Players who choose to behave inappropriately are subject to consequences including loss of playing time, loss of team privileges, or dismissal from the team.  Any damages to the school’s equipment or property will be replaced by the athlete.
    • Bus Etiquette- Be respectful of the bus driver and his/her rules.  Stay seated, use appropriate voice levels, and use appropriate language.  Food and drink will be allowed until it becomes a problem.
    • Attendance and Punctuality- All players are expected to be at every practice and game. There is a lot of information we need to cover, and missing time will set you behind very quickly.  It is extremely difficult to catch up on your own. If you need to be gone, please bring a written note signed by a parent or guardian before your absence.  Please note that if a player is absent, it may affect their playing time in future competitions.  If an athlete forgets a piece of necessary equipment, they will still be expected to attend the practice or game to learn/observe what goes on that day.  BE ON TIME TO PRACTICE AND BUS DISMISSALS. We will start on time whether you are there or not.  Athletes who are late may have extra conditioning. 
    • Injury- In the event of an injury, the player should still attend practice if possible.  Learning can occur from observation, helping, and listening.  If an injury or illness surfaces during a practice or game, it is the responsibility of he athlete to inform the coach.  If the athlete is restricted from activity of any kind, please bring a doctor’s note to the coaches.
    • Coming Back from Injury- If your daughter obtained an injury which required her to be restricted from activity, a doctor’s note is necessary to allow her to get back into practice.  From there, we need to slowly work her in to allow the injury proper time to restrengthen.
    • Dress Code- No jewelry and no cut off t-shirts. All clothing must be school appropriate.  On game days, the athletes are required to dress up. Your basketball shoes should be worn ONLY in the gym to minimize damage to the gym floor.  Absolutely no outdoor shoes are allowed.  During games, jerseys should be tucked in and remain tucked in for the entire game.  
    • Away Games- There will be a sign out sheet if the athlete is not going to ride the bus home from away games.  If someone other than a parent or guardian is going to take the athlete home, the athlete needs to bring a note signed by the parent or guardian BEFORE that day.  This note needs to be approved by Mr. Scharn before it becomes effective.  

    Parent Expectations

    • Please make arrangements to pick up your daughter on time at the end of each practice and game.  

    • Please demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship while representing Sioux Central Basketball.  Please cheer for our team— not against the opponents’ team.  Display of poor sportsmanship may result in removal from the event. 
    • Please understand that the officials are off-limits to fans.  Refrain from yelling at the referees before, during, and after the game. 
    • Please be courteous to the coaching staff and allow the coaches to coach.  Parents are encouraged to work with their daughters, however, not during game time. Outbursts or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  During game time, be your daughter’s biggest fan!!
    • Please refrain from measuring your daughter’s basketball experience solely by the amount of her playing time.  The growth of character and work ethic will help the student athlete to be successful in all of life. 
    • If you have a question regarding your daughter’s playing time, start by asking your daughter.  coaches are constantly providing each player with feedback at practices.  Encourage your daughter to ask the coaches how she can improve as a player, rather than asking how she can play more. 
    • If you are concerned about a basketball-related issue that requires you to speak directly with the coach, questions or concerns can be addressed after an appointment has been set up and after your daughter has spoken with the coaches on the topic.  Under no circumstances should a parent approach a coach or another parent in a harsh manner before, during, or immediately after a practice or a game.  An upset party should wait at lest 24 hours before dialogue begins on this topic in order to allow time for reflection and honest, respectful, effective communication. It is appropriate, however, for a parent to contact a coach with concerns about their daughter’s behavior, skill development, and treatment advice.  


    Before your child is allowed to participate, they must have the concussion form, an up-to-date physical form, and an insurance waiver turned in to the school or to one of the coaches. These forms can be found on the JH Girls Basketball page under the sub page titled "Forms", on the school website (under District --> Documents and Forms --> Athletic Department --> Athletic Forms), or can be grabbed from the office.  We will have some ready at the Parent Meeting as well. Please read, sign, and return the parent/player contract as well.  

    Shuttle Bus

    Practice will get out each week in time for the athletes to catch the shuttle.  Shuttle times usually range from 6:00-6:15.  If we are in Albert City, athletes are allowed to walk home/get picked up form the school over there.  They do not have to ride the shuttle back to Sioux Rapids.  

    With our signatures, we confirm that we have read the Parent and Player Handbook for the 2017-2018 season.  We fully understand and agree to abide to each and every item and condition set in place by the coaching staff.

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