Rebel Pillars


    Everyday when you get up in the morning as a member of the Sioux Central Rebel basketball TEAM you are representing yourself, your family, your team, your school, and your community.  We have a tremendous group of student-athletes here that I am sure will adopt and live by our SIOUX CENTRAL REBEL PILLARS:


    Everything starts with this, being a positive role model and doing the

    right things both on-and-off the court to represent our TEAM


    One of the most valuable lifelong skills you can learn through

     basketball is how to work as a TEAM, this means that everyone is

    important and we always put the TEAM before ourselves


    Come to every practice, film session, game, and any other event with

    an intense attitude and a desire to do things to best of your ability and as

     hard as you can go, the coaching staff will never ask for more than that


    How we handle ourselves in tough situations and times of adversity not only

    show what type of ballplayer you are, but what type of person you are as

    well; anyone can be a great leader and teammate with things are going their way we need to have the mental toughness to get through the season and 

    continue to work hard and have a positive attitude.


    I find this to be one of the most common characteristics among

    successful teams, every one from the coaches to the players to

    the managers needs to take pride in the job they do every day

     even when that may mean not getting recognized as it takes all

    of these components to make a successful TEAM.