Offensive Philosophy


    A team’s offense is only as good as the precision in which the players on the floor follow and read it, and in some cases even this is not enough when we run into those nights when the ball just will not go through the goal.  Because of this we want to make sure that we focus on the things we can control, our REBEL PRINCIPLES:

    1. Value the ball- limit turnovers, have an opportunity to get a shot each possession
    2. Spacing- being where you supposed to be at all times, doing the LITTLE THINGS
    3. Pace- running the offense at its appropriate speed based on the set, action, and other flexible in-game situations
    4. Attack the glass- unless you have transition defense responsibility crash the offensive boards for second shot by getting to your rebounding spot, make your defender WORK
    5. GOOD FOR GREAT- show me a great offensive team and I will show you a unselfish offensive team, it is not about who gets the shots but about asking ourselves did we get the best possible shot opportunity that possession-pass up good shots for great shots