The Jacksonian Era

  • Age of Jackson:

    A. Presidential Election 1824

    B. Presidential Election 1828

    1. Voting rights expanded

    2. Spoils system

    C. Jackson’s Harsh Indian Policy

    1. Cherokee Nation

    a. Indian Removal Act 1830

    b. Trail of Tears 1838

    2. Indian Resistance

    a. Black Hawk War

    D. Sectional & Financial Controversies

    1. Northeast (Economic prosperity depended on good, cheap transportation)

    a. Raw materials had to be brought to the factories

    b. Manufactured goods had to be sent to the West

    c. Western foodstuffs had to be carried to eastern cities

    Northern business leaders supported using government money to fund trans. project

    2. South

    a. Hated tariffs

    Made imported goods more expensive

    b. Sale of cotton to foreign nations

    Planters received credit instead of cash

    c. Opposed tariffs & government money being used to expand transportation

    3. West

    a. Wanted cheap land

    b. Wanted government to build as many roads & canals as possible.

    Hoped to achieve cheap transportation & population growth

    E. Doctrine of Nullification

    1. Tariffs

    2. John C. Calhoun

    a. States Rights

    Doctrine of Nullification - gave states the right to find federal law Null & Void

    3. Hayne-Webster Debates

    F. Jackson’s Bank War

    1. Nicholas Biddle - President of Second Bank of the United States

    a. Henry Clay & Daniel Webster supported bank

    Pushed to for renewal in 1832, even though charter was not up until 1836

    2. Jackson’s Bank veto

    a. Pet banks (Growth of state banks)

    Easy money in the West fueled an increase in land prices

    Land prices go up & also increase government revenues

    More government money created need for more pet banks

    G. Prosperity & Panic

    1. Causes of Panic

    a. Easy credit

    b. Increase paper money printed


    c. Specie Circular of 1836

    2. Panic of 1837

    a. Martin Van Buren is blamed - actually Jackson’s actions helped to cause it.

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