Manifest Destiny: 1810-1853

  • Ch 13: Manifest Destiny

    Essential Question: How did westward expansion transform a nation?

    Guiding Questions:

    1. When people seek new opportunities, what do they leave behind?

    2. What challenges do people face when moving?

    3. Why do people take on new challenges?

    Key Terms: These names, places, & events should be researched and be a part of your documentary.

    13.1: Trails West 

    Jedediah Smith, Jim Beckwourth, Kit Carson, Mountain Men, Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, Marcus & Narcissa Whitman & Henry H. Spalding, South Pass, Mormon, Brigham Young, Land      Speculators, Converts, Rendezvous, Rocky Mountain Fur Company, The Donner Party,

    13.2: The Texas Revolution

    Moses Austin, Stephen F. Austin, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Sam Houston, Jaun Seguin, Tejanos, Battle of Alamo, Lone Star Republic, Tejas, Annex

    13.3: The War With Mexico

    James K. Polk, Waddy Thompson Jr., John Slidell, Nueces Strip, Whig Party, Zachary Taylor, Manifest Destiny, Winfield Scott, General Mariano Vallejo, John Charles Fremont, Bear Flag Revolt, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexican Cession

    13.4: Forty-Niner, Californios, Mariano Vallejo, John Sutter, James Marshall, Samuel Brannan, California Gold Rush, Migration, Levi Strauss, Affects of Gold Rush on Native Americans, Peter Burnett

    Create a Documentary 


    1. Research

    2. Script

    3. Storyboard

    Found in two locations

    1. US History Main page

    or go to subpages

    A Changing Nation

    Manifest Destiny


    A. Must narrate your own section:

    1. You will narrate throughout the entire segment of your documentary.  

    a.  This means there is no substantial gap where the audience is just watching a picture, or your self created video, 

        without narration.

    2. You must appear on screen for 80% of your documentary length

    a. This means specifically for your section, & does not pertain to the sections of your groups members.

    b. Advice on Recording

    i. Act naturally & relax

    ii. Carry on a conversation with the camera

    iii. Make sure the green screen fills the screen on your computer or the camera you are using.

    iv. Edit out all actions which are not part of your documentary...hitting keys on your computer, or 

        moving to shut of the camera, reacting to something off screen. 

    v. Practice tough words & names before you record.

    B. Content:

    1. Will consist of the key points from each section of ch 13.

    2.  Students will dig deeper beneath the surface presented in the textbook

    a. Analyze: Identify motives or causes for Manifest Destiny. [What do they stand to gain?]

    i. Common Men, Women, Minorities, view point

    ii. Industrial leaders or business owners.

    iii. Political leaders

    b. Evaluate: Form and defend your opinion on the topic.

    i. When people seek new opportunities, what do they leave behind?

    ii. What challenges do people face when moving?

    iii. Why do people take on new challenges?

    a. Students will use the key terms as the foundation of their research and evidence to answer the essential 


    3.  All information & evidence needs to be tied into the essential question.

    C. Sources

    1. Students will use internet sites.

    2. Students will use at least 2 printed (books) sources for their research. [Your textbook is not one of the sources]

    3.  All information & graphics will be documented in the script and the sources will be list on a works cited page at the

        end of the script.  (Examples are listed below)

    a. MLA Examples:

    b. MLA Examples of Webpages & Articles:

    D. Assessment:

    1. Each student will be assessed on the section they were in charge of.  

    a. The rubric, which will be used to assess your documentary is listed below.  Use this as a guide as you put

        your documentary together.

    b. Assessment Rubric:

    Time Frame for Project: (This will be subject to change with any late starts or snow days)

    1. Will have three class periods to put together your outline and research essential points of your sections.

    Wed 2/29/12 to Friday 3/2/12 with the finished outline being due at the beginning of the period

    on Monday 3/6/12

    2. Script & Storyboard: You will have 3 class periods to complete this phase of the project

    Monday 3/6/12 to Wed 3/8/12 with your finished script & storyboard being turned in at the beginning of the

    period on Thursday 3/9/12

    3. Recording & Editing: You will have 4 class periods to practice, record, & edit.

    Friday 3/10/12 to Wed 3/15/12 with the end product being due at the beginning of the period on Thursday 

    3/16/12.  Each group will have to get together before this class period & combine their segments into one.  

    On this day, and the following day, volunteers will be asked for to present their combined documentary

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