Book Club Weekly Ch Reading Assignments

  • Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold  179 pages

    4 weeks

    Week 1Ch 1-3

    Week 2Ch 4-6

    Week 3 Ch 7-9

    Week 4 Ch 10-12

    Time Enough for Drums:  240 pages

    Week 1Ch 1-11

    Week 2Ch 12-19

    Week 3Ch 20-29

    Week 4Ch 30-Author’s Notes

    Guns for General Washington:140 pages

    Week 11-5

    Week 26-11

    Week 312-19

    Week 420-25

    Early Thunder:255 pages

    Week 1Ch 1-4

    Week 2Ch 5-8

    Week 3Ch 9-12

    Week 4 Ch 13-End

    Carry on Mr. Bowditch:251 pages

    Week 1Ch 1-7

    Week 2Ch 8-13

    Week 3Ch 14-18

    Week 4Ch 19-24

    Or Give Me Death:223 pages

    Week 1Ch 1-6

    Week 2Ch 7-12

    Week 3Ch 13-18

    Week 4Ch 19-Author’s Notes

    An Enemy Among Them:200 pages

    Week 1Pages 1-48

    Week 2Pages 48-101

    Week 3Pages 102-155

    Week 4Pages 156-200

    Lit Circle:Each student will fulfill one of the following task as we read the book.

    Discussion Director:Create three questions, over reading, to provoke discussion.  Open ended.

    Include the answer & keep all group members on task.

    Summary Super Star:Write a paragraph summary of the weeks reading

    Literacy Genius:Search for and explain any examples of symbolism, theme, conflict or resolution.

    Give three examples & create a brief time line for the weeks reading

    IllustratorSketch 3 pictures covering the weeks reading, & include page number & explanation of


    Each individual must also add the three connections to their responsibility.

    Text to Text

    Text to Self

    Text to World 

    Have each group designate who is filling each role for Monday’s discussion