• Technology Philosophy
    Sioux Central believes that the integration of technology in the curriculum is a vital element of future success of all its students.  By utilizing technology in the teaching and learning process, all students are provided the opportunity to become self-directed learners.

    To enhance life-long learning opportunities for our students and staff, the technology plan is designed so that it will:
    • Provide technology for all
    • Support the integration of technology into the curriculum
    • Restructure the learning environment to address the individual needs of students
    • Provide electronic access to local and global information systems
    • Promote the exploration, development, and implementation of current and future technology
    • Provide for the efficient and effective management of and access to student data and administrative information

    Technology Literacy Definition
    Technology literacy is the ability of individuals to responsibly use appropriate technology to: access, manage, integrate and evaluate information; construct new knowledge; and communicate with others to improve learning and acquire lifelong knowledge and skills.

    What technology is available in our schools?
    • 1:1 laptop computers in grades 3-12
    • iPad cart for each grade level in grades K-2
    • LCD projectors in each classroom
    • Digital and Flip Cameras

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