SAE - Supervised Agriculture Experience

  • The purpose of SAE projects is to help students explore prospective careers and develop related skill sets.  SAE projects may stem from interests, hobbies, current employment, ag courses or family needs.  If nothing else, the SAE program should help a student narrow down career choices related to agriculture and assist students in achieving career goals.  Additionally, SAE projects may develop into a lifelong activity, such as raising show cattle or gardening, which might complement another full-time career. 

    One of the most popular SAE projects at Sioux Central are Blue Jacket Growers.  Many students also have interest in showing livestock at Buena Vista County Fair, Clay County Fair and Iowa State Fair.  Sioux Central Ag Ed program has secured some community members willing to assist with livestock procurement, preparation, raising, housing and showing.  To learn more about these opportunities, or to find identification forms, instructions and deadlines and dates for all three fairs and other open shows available to FFA members, visit the Livestock Projects page.

    Students may develop and maintain projects in any of the following categories:
    1. Placement (working for someone else)
    2. Entrepreneurship (starting your own business)
    3. Agriscience (experimenting and/or inventing with technologies and agriscience)
    4. Improvement (tractor restoration, building repair, landscaping, building a hayrack, etc)
    5. Internship (short; tracking and observing a professional in their day-to-day activities)
    SAE projects fall into over 40 different areas related to agriculture and many areas are divided into placement and entrepreneurship categories - there are a LOT of opportunities within our own school district for unique, exciting and rewarding SAE projects.  See the list below to get some great ideas!

    Ag Communications
    Ag Education
    Ag Mechanics
     - Repair & Maintenance
     - Energy Systems
     - Design & Fabrication
    Ag Processing
    Ag Sales
    Ag Services
    Beef Production
    Dairy Production
    Diversified Ag
    Diversified Crops
    Diversified Horticulture
    Diversified Livestock
    Emerging Ag Technology
    Equine Science
    Fiber & Oil Crop Production
    Food Science & Technology
    Forage Production
    Forest Management & Products
    Fruit Production
    Grain Production
    Home/Community Development
    Landscape Management
    Nursery Operations
    Outdoor Recreation
    Organic Agriculture
    Poultry Production
    Sheep Production
    Small Animal Production & Care
    Specialty Animal Production
    Specialty Crop Production
    Swine Production
    Turf grass Management
    Vegetable Production
    Veterinary Medicine

    All agriculture students are graded each semester on their SAE records.  Each Sioux Central agriculture student has an account online at  Records are graded quarterly (nine week periods) based upon these criteria.  Other criteria may be added for some courses, but this is the basic rubric for all records each quarter. 
    (Time is allowed every Friday during class)
    >9 (more than once per week average)
    9 (once per week avg)
    7 (less than once per week avg)
    5 (about every two weeks, avg)
    3 (about every three weeks, avg)
    no logins during the grading period
    Total Journal Hours (Class, Experience, Other, Non-FFA, Office, CDE, Committee, School, Community Service, FFA, etc.)

    Total Entries (Same as list above; hours should be entered weekly as opposed to monthly or quarterly)
    >10 total

    >9 entries (more than one per week)
    7-9 hours

    9 entries (avg one per week)
    5-6 hours

    6-8 entries (less than one per week, avg)
    3-4 hours

    4-5 entries (once every other week)
    1-2 hours

    1-3 entries (once every three weeks)
    0 hours logged in any category

    0 entries in any category
    Supervised Agricultural Experiences (Placement, Entrepreneurship, Internship, Supplemental, Improvement, Agriscience, etc)
    >2 experiences, entries for more than two
    2 experiences, entries for both
    2 experiences, entries for neither, or just one
    1 experience with entries1 experience, no entries
    0 experiences listed

    Students can also apply for Proficiency Awards - the top project in each category is recognized at the chapter, district, state and national levels.  Having the 1st or 2nd place project at the state level, a student may receive a substantial cash prize.  This is also an important honor to include on a resume. 


    • State Proficiency applications must be submitted by February 1 and will be judged at the District level; the top two in each area advance to the state level.  Sioux Central students filling out State Proficiency applications will be recognized as the Chapter Proficiency winners; these must be filled out and submitted prior to February 1 in order to gain chapter recognition. 
    • State Degree applications must be submitted by February 1 and will be reviewed by District Advisors; those meeting the qualifications will be recognized at State Leadership Conference in April; those not meeting the qualifications will have the chance to fix errors and appeal their application at District Convention in March and if they then meet the qualifications they will also be recognized at SLC.  Sioux Central students must make sufficient progress on State Degree applications prior to the beginning of the spring semester or they will not be recognized at the chapter banquet. 
    • American Degree applications have a preliminary date of May 15; the state will review the applications and send a representative to do a personal review of the member's project (on-site).  Sioux Central members may work with the advisor during Winter and Spring Breaks to complete and submit applications.