Classroom Policies


    Late work will be accepted up to one week late (the only exception being absences); any late assignments may be submitted until the following Tuesday at 4:00 pm. Following that deadline, assignments will be entered into the gradebook as a zero. Up to 50% credit may be given for the submission of a 500-word essay (correctly written) on the same topic as the missing assignment. No extra-credit will be awarded for students with missing assignments.


    There are two boxes near the instructor's desk in the room for homework submission and for assignments with feedback & evaluation ready to be handed back out.  These are clearly marked and must be used correctly!  Online - I also use online quizzes, blogs and Canvas (linked to each class page) to collect student work.  Not all assignments collected may be entered into the gradebook, but may be used to provide feedback on student achievement and understanding to support a standards-based grading system.


    I expect students to have assigned work completed in a timely manner.  I often ask students to view notes presentations/videos prior to the next class meeting - or to pre-read a class activity and come with questions.  If these items are not handled, the student may operate at a deficit as they will not be prepared to take part in class activities and discussions.  Students may be asked to complete the items before being allowed to take part in class activities and discussions.  This is due to any of the following reasons: it may be a safety issue if students are unclear on procedures; it may be unfair to other students who have prepared themselves for class who might have to shoulder additional burdens; it may be impossible for students to adequately prepare DURING the activity; or other reasons may be given.  This is the instructor's discretion and I do expect that students will want to be prepared to take part in the more "fun" aspects of class!


    Respect other students' learning times and allow them the full benefit of the instructor during their class!  Do NOT ask for help or a hall pass at the beginning of another class period.  Make sure this is done during your class or during Mrs. Harwood's prep time - before or after school, prep period and study hall (5th period), or at the end of the period. 

    Refer back to the Sioux Central Student Handbook as all policies outlined within will be adhered to in Mrs. Harwood's classes.