8th Grade SC T.A.G Escape Room

Sioux Central's 8th grade TAG students will be hosting the first ever Sioux Central escape room challenge themed around two teachers at Sioux Central on Saturday, April 29th. Read the challenge below and see if you are up to helping Mr. Jarvis and Mrs. Tate to get along at school.

Mr. Jarvis, weeks away from retirement, recently kidnapped Mrs. Tate. Why? She borrowed Mr. Jarvis' favorite pencil, and never returned it. Mr. Jarvis wants your help to reacquire his favorite pencil in exchange for Mrs. Tate’s life.

You only have 40 minutes to find Mrs. Tate. She is being held captive inside our school, and must be freed prior to her using up all the room’s oxygen. Try your best since Mrs. Tate’s fate is solely up to your group. Good Luck and have fun!

The money raised from this event will go towards sponsoring a field trip that would allow the students to attend an actual escape room in May.

If you and your family are interested in trying the challenge click on the link below to register. 


A $5 deposit must be given to the office secretary by the end of the next business day to fully secure your time slot. This will cut down on fake bookings. Families will receive written confirmation of their time when the $5 deposit is placed. 

Because we are competitive in nature, the students want to run a leader board for this event at the link below. Times will be posted here, and families and team names may check their time at the end of the day to see where they ranked for the event.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school at 712-283-2571 and ask for the teacher Troy Thams that will oversee this event.