Dear Sioux Central Community,

 I hope everyone is staying safe and well. I wanted to give the community an update surrounding COVID-19. We are doing our best to keep both the students and staff here at Sioux Central safe. We have had 1 new positive student case, bringing our total to 11 total students or 1.6% of our entire student body. We currently have 8 students still in quarantine, with only 4 new quarantined since 9/30/2020 for a total of 69 students or 10.5% of our students being quarantined since 8/24/2020. Only eight students still quarantined as of today. We have had a total of nine staff members test positive with everyone back in the building except two staff members, they are expected to be back this week. No new staff cases at this point.

By no means are we perfect and we're constantly trying to make our system better. I'm sure things will change along the way but for right now I'm just very pleased with what everybody's doing and how we're handling the situation and again, not out of the woods but it's a good start to the year. Please continue to encourage your child to wear a mask to slow the spread, especially with the new guidance that was shared last week by public health!  

Mr. Wood