Dear Sioux Central Community, 

I hope everyone was safe this weekend with the early winter weather that arrived in our area.  As we begin the 2nd quarter of school, we are moving to a school-wide approach to students wearing masks vs. students not wearing masks in the classroom.  Starting Monday, we are separating students based on masks vs no masks.  The students have been highly encouraged to wear masks since the start of the school year, but some students are still choosing not to. Therefore, we are now having to separate students based on masks vs. no masks out of respect for those who are choosing to wear them and to avoid entire class quarantines based on the new guidance we received a short while back--WHEN TO QUARANTINE. We have talked to students about this on Friday, and they know if they are not 6 feet apart they should have a face covering on.  We want students to continue to receive face-to face instruction as we know this is what’s best for them. We are taking the necessary steps to keep our students and staff safe here at Sioux Central. We are extremely fortunate to be in school. Please remind your child to drive carefully and be safe during the upcoming winter months.  

Mr. Wood