Good morning Sioux Central,

I hope everyone is staying safe and well. I wanted to give an update surrounding Covid-19 here at Sioux Central. We have had 38 new student quarantines here at Sioux Central- based on household positives only, 166 students have been quarantined since 8/24/2020 . There have been 16 new student quarantines at MCS.  We have had 6 new student positive cases since last week. We now have 5 new staff cases here at Sioux Central and 3 new staff cases at MCS, which brings that total to 15 at Sioux Central and 3 at MCS. 

With the community increase, this doesn’t come as a surprise, so we are just working hard to keep our buildings staffed so our kids can stay in school. The new mask requirement will continue to eliminate the students from being quarantined at school. As a reminder, the Twin Lakes Conference will be requiring masks at all events, both at the Junior High and High School levels for winter activities. Sioux Central will be requiring masks at all home activities as mentioned in the original guidance sent out last week.  

Mr. Wood