Jeff Scharn

  • Welcome to my new classroom website!


    Welcome to Sioux Central Middle/High School!! My office is always open and would love to hear from you about things that you see that are going on in the district. We want to continue to strive for excellence here at Sioux Central, so we can have the best education for all students!!  You can contact me at 712-283-2571, or by simply just stopping in. 

    In grades 7-12 the Sioux Central school system offers a wide variety of activities to prepare you for the future.  Sioux Central will be starting their 9th year with the one to one initiative, as the students will be given iPads again this year.  Teachers and students together will continue to work to see different opportunities that they can open with this exciting tool.  Get ready to see some fantastic things take place, as we move into a new era of education!! 
    Students are also involved in various activities at Sioux Central outside their daily routines in the classrooms.  Please take time to support our students in the variety of programs that are offered here at Sioux Central.  Check out the activity schedule to see what is happening in our district today!!
Jeff Scharn, Secondary Principal