Mrs. Schmidt - Elementary Principal/Curriculum Director

  • Greetings!  I am Kari Schmidt. I am the elementary principal at Sioux Central Elementary School.  I am originally from Fergus Falls, MN but spent 17 years of my life in Jackson, MN with the Jackson County Central School District.  I was the elementary principal for three years, the middle school principal for nine years, and the middle school/elementary principal for three years. I just competed my sixth year at Sioux Central, and I love it here.  Everyone here is like family, and my children havev made it our home.  I am married to Brian Schmidt from Everly, IA, and we live on an acreage just outside of Everly.  I have two children, Owen (14) and Quinn (12)  and three step-children Brian John, Marty, and Joie (all is college).


    Sioux Central Elementary has done amazing things over the past few years.  The staff here is amazing and very willing to make changes and grow together as a team.  We have tackled the new literacy law together and have put plans in place to help our students become the best possible readers; we have reignited PBIS and continue to teach and model to students expected Rebel Pride Behavior; we are moving towards standards-based grading together; and so much more.  I'm proud to be part of this school system.