Fifth Grade News - Mrs. Huebner

  • Important: Facebook:
    I will be updating a classroom secret Facebook page periodically throughout the year with pictures and information that will be helpful to parents with children who are in my class. Please let me know what to search for (your name), and I will try to add you to the page. I will also keep the page open from Aug. 23-Aug. 30, so that you can search for my site and add yourself to the page. After that time it will not be able to be searched at all to maintain confidentiality for the pictures. The name of the site is Mrs. Huebner's Class 2018-2019, so search for that on Facebook and you should be able to find it between August 23 and Aug. 30. After that date, please contact me to get you signed up for the Facebook page.  Let me know if you do not want your child’s picture posted on this secret page. Thanks!