Fifth Grade News - Mrs. Huebner

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    Autobiography Outline

    I. Childhood  (Due Dec. 12)
       A. Where and when I was born
       B. Happy times that I remember
       C. Unhappy times that I remember
       D. Other incidents that I recall

    II. My Family (Due Jan. 3)
       A. Who is in it?
       B. What we do together for fun.
       C. Good things about my family.
       D. The best time I have ever had with my family.

    III. My Friends (Due Jan. 16)
       A. What I like my friends to be like
       B. What I dislike about some boys and girls
      C. The best time I have ever had with my friends.
    IV. School (Due Jan. 30)
       A. What I like about school
       B. What I dislike about school
       C. What I would change about school (be serious)
       D. What I think about homework
       E. The very best event in my school career
    V. Hobbies (Due Feb. 13)
       A. Hobbies I have had
       B. Hobbies I have now
       C. Hobbies I would like to try

    VI. Recreation (Due Feb. 27)
       A. What I like to do in best in my free time
       B. Books 
           1. My favorite kind
           2. Do I read as much as I should?  Why or why not?
       C. Kind of movies and television that I like 
           1. Favorite actors and actresses
           2. How much t.v. do I watch in one day?
           3. Favorite t.v. shows and/or movies

    VII. Music/Other Lessons (Due Mar. 13)
       A. Do I take lessons?  What kind of lessons and teacher's name
       B. The best/worst part about taking lessons

    VIII. Work  (Due Apr. 3)
       A. What chores do I have to do each day?
       B. Which chores do I like?
       C. Which chores do I dislike?

    IX. Pets (Due April 17)
       A. Do I have any pets?
       B. Names of pets
       C. Best time I have had with my pets

    X. Feelings (Due May 1st)
       A. What makes me happy?
       B. What makes me sad?
       C. I am most proud of myself because...
       D. I am sometimes dissatisfied with myself because... Why?
       E. What I would change about myself if I could.
       F. What I want to be when I grow up.

    Entire autobiography due on May 10th in final form.  Your child will need a scrapbook to put this in.  Include pictures and the family tree in the final form.  Family tree does not have to go back a long ways.  Just go back as far as you know!  Can include title pages for each section and a title page at the very beginning.  Be creative!