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    Enjoy the return to school as the seasons change in Northwest Iowa.

    Offer vs Serve

    As per government regulations, Sioux Central Schools incorporates "Offer vs Serve" for all students participating in the food service program.  This program requires the student to select a minimum of three of the five food items included in the lunch menu.  A vegetable or a fruit serving must be part of the selection.  This is the only requirement.  Although items may be refused in this program, please remember that the child receives the most nutritional benefit when the entire meal is chosen and eaten.  The portions of the all the food items will remain the same and the price of the meal will not be lowered when taking less than the entire meal.  Teachers are not allowed to "require" students to take certain items so if you have requirements for your child, be sure to discuss them with him/her at home . 


    Entree Choices/Extra Charge for 4-12 Grade

    Students have a choice at lunch to pick 1 of 3 main courses: hot entrée, chef salad (meat and cheese cup to add to salad bar), or yogurt. If they take more than one of any of these items. an extra charge will be put on their lunch accounts ($1.35 for chef salad or $.85 of a yogurt). Students are also charged extra if they take more than one milk ($.35). 

    If you have any questions. please contact Sandy Nelson at 283-2571.