• Welcome to the Sioux Central Academic Website. The Curriculum Office has many functions including

    • Assisting teachers with the development, implementation, and monitoring of curriculum, instruction, and assessment
    • Designing professional development to support teachers in implementing researched-based instructional practices in their classrooms
    • Implementing district-wide assessments such as ITBS and ITED along with other assessments
    • Working with staff, administration, school board, and other community members in analyzing student achievement data and setting student achievement goals
    • Developing, implementing and monitoring our Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, Annual Progress Report Plan, Iowa Core Curriculum Plan as well as many other school improvement initiatives
    • Reporting student achievement data to the Iowa Department of Education

    On the Teaching and Learning web pages, you will find documents you can download, and links to other sites that are related to curriculum including:

    • Standards and Benchmarks
    • Professional Development
    • Iowa Core Curriculum
    • Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
    • Annual Progress Report Plan