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    If you are looking for information regarding basketball please click here: Sioux Central Rebel Basketball

    My name is Stephen Tjaden and I will be teaching Character Development & Leadership, Geography, Sociology, US Government, and World History.  

    On the menu bar to the left I have linked my biography along with a specific homepage for each one of my classes.  My biography gives you a better idea of past and personal life.  While the lesson plan links will provide you with a good idea of the path we will take each day in class and can be used to your advantage not only to help keep your assignments organized but also to keep yourself caught up if you are absent from a class.

    For any news, assignments, course documents, and other information make sure you are checking your necessary websites often to make sure you have all of the up-to-date information for my classes.

    There are some other features on this same toolbar that will be used throughout the year, so I recommend you familiarize yourself with them.  

    Please do not hesitate to contact me through email at anytime day or night if you have questions or concerns.

    At the bottom of the page under pictures of my favorite teams I have listed some classroom related links that I have found to be very helpful in the past and recommend that you refer to them.  Included in this is a video of Academic Talk taking place in my classroom, this is method of teaching that includes both individual and group dynamics and encourages students to learn with each other.