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2018-2019 New Staff

Mentoring Program

  • Welcome new teachers to the Sioux Central Community School District!

    Welcome to our mentoring page! I am excited to say that Sioux Central offers a mentoring program for new teachers and new-to-this-school teachers! Below you will find an explanation for each one.

    First Year TeachersBook Study for Year 1

    The first year is a transition into the district and the mentor and the mentoring facilitator ensure new professionals have the necessary support to be successful classroom teachers! A first year teacher will . . .

    • Participate in the book study "Your First Year" by Todd, Madeline, and Katherine Whitaker
    • Meet weekly with the lead mentor/instructional coach
    • Meet monthly with the entire group of mentees
    • Complete district requirements outlined for the program

    Second Year Teachers

    The second year focuses on the Iowa Teaching Standards and classroom practice as well as continued support in the classroom. A second year teacher will . . . 

    • Meet monthly with the lead mentor/instructional coach
    • Provide examples of understanding the teaching standards
    • Complete requirements outlined for the program

    New-to-Sioux Central

    The mentoring program is also available for those teachers who have their standard teaching license but are new to the Sioux Central School District. A first year teacher will . . . 

    • Complete district requirements including regular meetings with the lead mentor/instructional coach