Board Vision

  • Belief Statements

    • We believe that all students can learn, but they learn best when their individual needs are met.
    • We believe teachers must be flexible to meet the needs of students at their individual levels and offer opportunities for all students.
    • We believe we best meet the needs of students by providing a caring, nurturing environment—an environment that cares for both students and staff.
    • We believe students learn at the highest levels when they are challenged with a rigorous, relevant, and meaningful curriculum.
    • We believe education is a collaborative effort where teachers work as a team and engage the stakeholders of the entire community to assist in our efforts.
    • We believe students retain knowledge best when they are engaged in their learning and involved in their school.
    • We believe our ultimate goal as a school is to develop our students to be life-long, independent learners and productive citizen for a changing world and an ever changing society.


    Mission Statement

    “Sioux Central will provide opportunities for each student to develop academically, emotionally, and socially into a competent and responsible citizen.”


    Board and Administrative Goals for 2010 - 2011

    1. District Relations: work to maintain and/or improve relations with neighboring school districts, exploring opportunities for sharing and cooperation.
    2. Technology Implementation: successfully implement the one-to-one laptop computer initiative in grades 6 – 12.
    3. Technology Utilization: provide better professional development for teachers in the area of technology to increase the use of technology in regular classroom instruction.
    4. Student Achievement: increase student achievement scores in reading and mathematics.
    5. Administration: re-evaluate the distribution of administrative duties. Effectively re-distribute the duties of the Special Education Coordinator. Report to the school board on how administrative and special education duties have been re-aligned.
    6. School Board Improvement: work on team building by attending IASB state convention and/or ABLE meetings, establish community meetings and workshops with other districts to improve relations.