About us

  • Sioux Central Community School District (CSD)

    Sioux Central is governed by a five-member school board with each member elected from a director district.

    When the Sioux Central district was first consolidated in 1993, its enrollment numbered a little over 600.  Since then Sioux Central has lost a third of its resident student population. Although our certified resident enrollment for this past year was 437, we had sharing agreements with two neighboring systems—Albert City-Truesdale (99) and South Clay (29). Plus we have a positive flow of open enrollment students (+28). So Sioux Central continues to serve over 600 students, but now a third of its student body is non-resident.

    With our sharing agreements, the size of our secondary school is roughly double the size of our elementary. 

    Sioux Central employs 50 teacher and 3 administrators.

    With 613 students in our classrooms, our students enjoy a ratio of only 12 students per teacher on average. (State Averages: 12 – 13 for small schools; 15.2 all schools).

    Sioux Central’s Professional Educators 

    Gender Balance: 28% of S.C. teachers are male.  State Average: 27% 

    Experience: On average, Sioux Central has a younger, slightly less-experienced faculty

    Advanced Degrees: 7% of Sioux Central’s 57 teachers have earned graduate degrees (State Ave. 27%).

    Student Demographics

    Like many small Iowa schools, Sioux Central lacks diversity (94% white) but is seeing its population change. State averages: 86.6% White; 5.8% Hispanic.

    32.5% of students receive free or reduced-price lunches. State Average: 31.1%.

    English Language Learners: Twenty of our 591 students, or 3% are E.L.L. Most speak Spanish.

    Special Education


    11.5% of students are on I.E.P.’s. However, only 32 of our 67 I.E.P. students are local residents.

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