Partners in Education

  • Sioux Central Family/School/Community Involvement Program

    What is PIE?

    Partners in Education (PIE) is a group of dedicated parents, staff and community members that volunteer their time and talents to help provide our school with educational opportunities, better resources and activities for our students.

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Partners in Education (PIE) organization is to help provide for the educational needs of students at Sioux Central and to promote open communication between parents and the school.

    How to Join PIE?

    We need everyone’s help! Our meetings are open to the public. We have a very informal atmosphere and would like to invite everyone to attend our meetings.  If you are interested in joining PIE, attend a meeting or contact the school office for more information. Your opinion matters!

    What can you do to help our PIE programs?

    • Attend monthly meetings of PIE and stay informed, contribute ideas or be a leader of one of our committees.
    • Respond to volunteer needs when they are communicated through newsletters, notes or on the web page.
    • Help with fundraising activities
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