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    Textbooks are a resource, one of many we use in our studies. I do not assign a text to my students. I allow ample time in class to do the work I require from a text. Time to get work done is not a limitation, unless the student missuses that time. If a student is absent, or chooses to work outside of the classroom the readings are available on Canvas. Canvas is a web-based management tool that I use to post assignments and podcasts.  It is also where students will submit completed work. Ask your student to show them the site and you will know what was assigned that day and you can also view work that has been submitted.  I do have a limited number of texts.  These texts can be taken to study halls, as well as used before and after school. My goal is to create a library of resources to study science, not to plow through a textbook. There is the world of information and resources at their fingertips through the computers/iPads.  We will continue to create in class notes in a Science Journal and study guides that follow my assessments exactly. These notes, in the form of podcasts, are available on Canvas. Middle school students are busy enough, trying to manage their time. I feel that they do not need more school work at home when they have ample time in class getting their questions answered by the teacher. I came across this guidline for homework:


    Please utilize the calendar on Canvas to see assignment due dates etc.  If you have any questions please contact me.

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