The purpose of activities at Sioux Central Community Schools is to build a participant that is aware of how their individual role in an organization plays into a larger picture of life circumstances and situations. We believe this philosophy is met through building students of high character that are accountable, confident, passionate, hard-working, and disciplined in the classroom, on the fields/courts/stage, and in life. We want our participants to build solid relationships through commitment and sacrifice in order to be part of something bigger, and better.

Pillars of Achievement

The "Pillars of Achievement" are seven foundational beliefs that the are embedded in the activity programs at Sioux Central. It is the belief of all involved in the programs that in order to fulfill the philosophy listed above we strive to excel in the following Pillars. We believe that in order for our student participants to reach their highest potential they need to incorporate these pillars into their daily routines. By implementing these pillars we believe that our students will continue to achieve at a high level in the classroom, on the court/field/stage, and in their daily lives.

  • Commitment
  • Team Work
  • Community-Centered
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Differentiation
  • Maximum Effort

For competitive teams and organizations at Sioux Central we have three levels. The following chart explains our philosophies and the focus of instruction for these levels.

Junior High JV/JVR Varsity
Team and individual skills are introduced to the student-athletes with an emphasis on basic skills. Emphasis is placed on development and broad based participation throughout the student body. Team work and sportsmanship will be emphasized in practice and competition. Students will be introduced to interscholastic competition for the first time. Team and individual skills are sharpened in preparation for the jump to a varsity schedule that is more competitive and demanding. Playing time and level are performance and achievement based. The time demands and level of commitment will gradually increase leading to varsity competition. The emphasis is to field the best team possible. Maturity and skill level of the student athlete are key ingredients for varsity players. At this level there are no guarantees of playing time.