Rural Bus Stops
Bus routes for rural pick-ups will be available at Open House but are subject to change prior to the first day of school.

In-town Bus Stops

Town Time Location Bus
Linn Grove 7:12 Waterville & Broadway (old school site) Rabbit
Peterson 7:25 Main Street Bus Stop Cat
Peterson 7:30 College St./Daycare Cat
Sioux Rapids 7:50 1st Street Cow
Sioux Rapids 7:50 Old School Rhino
Sioux Rapids 7:50 Sioux Rapids Pool Horse
Sioux Rapids 7:55 2nd Street Horse
Webb 7:37 Park Spider
Rembrandt 7:50 Park Rabbit
Albert City 7:30 East Side of School
Albert City 7:20 Covenant Church

Conduct on Buses - Students are expected to follow the Rebel Expectations of Safety, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility while riding school buses. Riding a school bus is intended to be a safe and sociable experience for the student. It is of utmost importance that the student obeys the rules of conduct on buses. Failure to abide by these regulations may result in the student being denied the privilege of riding the bus for a period of time. It is then the responsibility of the parents to transport the student to and from school. Each bus driver is responsible for the safety of his/her students and will issue bus conduct reports.

The Sioux Central Community School District Board of Education has authorized the use of video cameras on school district buses. The video cameras will be used to monitor student behavior, to maintain order on the school buses, to promote and maintain a safe environment. Students and parents are hereby notified that the contents of the videotapes are confidential student records and will be retained with other student records. Videotapes will only be retained if necessary for use in a student disciplinary proceeding or other matters as determined necessary by the administration. Parents may request to view videotapes of their child if the tapes are used in a disciplinary proceeding involving their child. Riding the bus is a privilege. The administration has the right to adjust the discipline, depending on the incident’s severity. Failure to follow these rules will result in one or more of the following disciplinary actions:

Bus Consequences:

  • First offense: Verbal warning/a written notice to parents.
  • Second offense: Written warning. Principal’s discretion (clean bus, lunch detentions, after school detention)
  • Third offense: One day suspension
  • Fourth offense: Three day suspension
  • Further offenses: Administrative discretion and a possible referral to the school board.

Permission to ride another bus – To ride another bus other than his/her assigned bus, the student must bring written permission from the parent/guardian to be given to the bus driver.