Sioux Central Community School District (CSD) is located in Northwest Iowa on the southern edge of the town of Sioux Rapids. Sioux Rapids lies on the banks of the Little Sioux River, situated half-way between Spencer and Storm Lake. Sioux Rapids is the oldest settlement of Northwest Iowa between Fort Dodge and Sioux City. It was founded on the old trail mid-way between the two cities. Sioux Rapids was established as the county seat of Buena Vista County when the county was formed in 1856 and held that position until 1877. Peterson was founded in 1856 next after Sioux Rapids and is the oldest town in Clay County. Peterson was the county seat of Clay County until 1871.

The four principal towns making up the Sioux Central district are Linn Grove, Peterson, Rembrandt, and Sioux Rapids. At one time, each town had its own school system. In the early 1960's, Linn Grove and Peterson merged their school districts to form the Sioux Valley CSD. In 1979, Rembrandt and Sioux Rapids merged their school districts to form the Sioux Rapids-Rembrandt CSD. Then in 1990, Sioux Valley and Sioux Rapids-Rembrandt began sharing to form the Sioux Central CSD, and they consolidated in 1993.

Shortly after consolidation in 1995, the four communities voted to close all four existing school buildings and construct today's new PK-12 school building.

South Clay CSD closed their 7-12 secondary school in 1998 and began sending many of their secondary students to Sioux Central. South Clay closed their PK-6 school in 2010, and the district dissolved. Essentially, the southern half of the South Clay district was re-aligned as part of the Sioux Central district adding the towns of Webb and the southern portion of Gillett Grove.

Albert City-Truesdale closed their 7-12 secondary school in 2004 sending nearly all their 7-12 students to Sioux Central. The two districts are aligned through a whole-grade sharing agreement starting in 2006 and the agreement continues today.