Track athletes should:

  • Eat a healthy, sizable breakfast. Carbs & protein!
  • Hydrate with water throughout the day.
  • Bring a healthy snack to eat on the bus (carbs & protein). For supper, a concession stand will be available, or athletes could pack something from home. Fruit is a great snack with natural sugars for an energy boost!
  • Eat healthy every day! Your body needs GOOD fuel for you to feel and perform your best!
  • Bring a water bottle! We will have a large water cooler at our camp for athletes to refill their water bottles.

To school: Athletes should wear a red SC track & field shirt to school. (The new shirts are for track meet days only until our season is over.)

Running shoes: Good running shoes are mandatory! (Track spikes are optional. Spikes must be 1/8" or less.)

Uniforms: Boys & girls will wear their school issued uniform in running events.

Hair & accessories:

  • Hair must be tied back.
  • Jewelry is discouraged.
  • Watches are NOT allowed.

Under the uniforms:

Boys will probably want to wear compression shorts (like bike shorts) or running tights under their track shorts.

Boys & girls-- items worn under the track uniform must be of a single, solid color. This includes the stitching. Visible logos cannot be larger than 2" square. High school requires red items worn under the uniform shorts, and white items worn under the uniform tops. If you do not have red in junior high, black, white, or gray are acceptable.

Warm ups

DRESS WARM!!!! Layer up! Athletes will want to have plenty of warm clothes as it gets really chilly by the end of the meets. All of us will be outside for the duration of the meet. (There will NOT be anywhere to go indoors.) 


Student athletes:

  • You may ride home with your parents if they sign you out with a coach at the end of the meet.
  • If you need to ride home with someone else’s parents, please bring a note from your parents BEFORE the day of the meet to be approved by Mr. Scharn.
  • If you are not riding with parents after the meet, you will ride the bus back to school. You will need someone to pick you up @ the school.

Track athletes: Welcome to the 2021 JH boys and girls track season! Coach Tjaden, Coach McCoy, and Coach Otto are ready to start the season and look forward to working with you.

When practice starts

Practice for boys & girls begins Monday, March 25th. Come prepared to practice with athletic clothes and running shoes.

What to bring for practice

We will practice outside as much as possible, so be sure to bring several layers of clothing-- athletic pants & shorts, t-shirt, and long-sleeved shirt. Dry-fit materials are ideal. Plus, bring a hoodie to practice every day to use as a warmup. Light gloves and a stocking hat or headband will probably also be needed for many March practices. Later on in the season, you will benefit from having a water bottle at practice. JH track practices will be 4 times/week from 3:40-5:20. Practices will be held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday unless there’s a meet or early dismissal. Transportation to our local communities will be provided after practice via our school shuttles. Shuttle time is 5:30.

What to take care of before the first practice

Forms: Some forms are due to the school office before you may practice with the team (Athletic physical form, Concussion form, Proof of Insurance form). If you already participated in a school sport this school year, you have probably taken care of this. Forms can be found at https://www.siouxcentral.org/domain/25 Contact Mr. Vasher, the athletic director, or Coach Tjaden with questions.

JH Track agreement: Please review the information on team policies and expectations. You and your parents/guardians need to read and become familiar with this information. Both you and your parents/guardians need to sign the JH track agreement form. This must be turned in to Coach Tjaden on the first day of practice.

Running shoes/attire: Please make sure you have a quality pair of running athletic shoes that fit properly to protect and support your feet and legs. If you go to a bigger sporting goods store, they may even be able to watch you run and make shoe recommendations accordingly. Track spikes for meets are optional. Proper athletic attire is required for practice (gym shorts, running tights, sports undergarments, t-shirt, etc.). Please note for meets that garments worn under the race uniform top need to be solid white; garments worn under the race uniform shorts need to be solid red.

Other details 

As track begins and throughout the season, make a special effort to get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet because your body will be working hard! In order for you body to perform to the best of your ability, you have to rest and fuel it properly! If you have any questions regarding the track season, please feel free to ask Coach Tjaden.