Instrumental Lessons

As part of a well balanced instrumental curriculum, individual or small group lessons are required of each student participating in the band program. A lesson constitutes 50% of each students weekly grade, the remaining 50% is made from in-class rehearsal and participation.

The objectives for individual lessons are:

  •  Each student will demonstrate individual proficiency on their assigned music.
  • Each student will learn proper playing technique on their chosen/assigned instrument.
  • Each student will develop individual rehearsal techniques to assist in practicing.
  • Each student will demonstrate growth and progression in their playing ability.

5-12 Band Lesson Requirement

  1.  All Band Students - Each band student will schedule one (15 minute) weekly lesson according to their schedule. You may sign up for an individual lesson or as part of a group of like instruments. The group size should be no larger than four students.
  2.  Lesson requirement:
    1. All students will be required to attend 6 lessons per grading period. (9 weeks)
    2. The director will hold at least one sign-up/make-up lesson week per grading period.
    3. Missed lessons will no longer be excused due to changes in schedule. (i.e. no school, early out, late start, etc.)
    4. Lessons may be excused for extenuating circumstances. (i.e. medical/dental)
  3.  Alternative Lessons (HS Only) - If your schedule does not permit a scheduled weekly lesson, you are required to do an alternative lesson. This lesson is recorded and then submitted for director review. The submission is due each week regardless of absence or altered schedule. 
  4.  Lesson Start Date - Lessons start the first full week (or second week, if starting on a full week) of the semester. The first week is for establishing your daily routine and scheduling your lesson accordingly. You are still responsible for a lesson even if you have not signed up for one yet.
  5.  Accountability - Each student will be held accountable for progressing on their instrument. In order to progress, a student MUST practice outside the defined rehearsal and lesson times. A bare minimum practice level would be a total of 60 minutes per week.