School Improvement Advisory Council - Parents and Patrons Needed for School Improvement Efforts

Research shows that the most successful schools have a high degree of parent and community involvement. Sioux Central is striving to be its best, and we annually ask for parents and community members to serve on our School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC).

Maybe you have some ideas that can help Sioux Central be a better school. We are looking for good citizens willing to meet with school employees, discuss educational issues, and offer their advice to the school board.

The Sioux Central SIAC is accepting applications for membership for the current school year. The SIAC consists of parents, students, community members, teachers, administrators, and board members of the Sioux Central Community School District.

The purpose of the SIAC is to provide input to the board of education and to be actively involved in the shared decision making process of the school district. Membership is for a year period with an option to add a second year (or more).

Anyone interested in becoming a SIAC member is asked to call 712-283-2571 or e-mail Kevin Wood at kwood@siouxcentral.org.

Current Members of the Sioux Central SIAC are as follows:

Mr. Jacob HargensMs. Brooklyn CavanaughMs. Emma Ahrendsen
Ms. MacKenzie MagnanMs. Stacey CaseyMs. Katie Wischmeyer
Ms. Melanie BloomMs. Mindy SylvesterMs. Laurie Saunders
Ms. Heidi VasherMs. Michelle EhlersMs. Christy Ehlers
Ms. Joleen JohnsonMs. Sarah LeWallenMs. Amber Jessen
Ms. Nicole JoyntMs. Michelle PattonMs. Lory Krummen
Rev. Steve SmithMs. Deanna ScottMs. Julie Bjork
Ms. Kari SchmidtMs. Erin OlsonMr. Troy Thams
Mr. Craig CadmanMs. Holly LockremMr. Scott Williamson
State Requirements

State Code calls for involvement of the local community in the school. The rules state the school or school district shall involve the local community in decision-making processes as appropriate. The school or school district shall seek input from the local community about, but not limited to, the following elements at least once every five years:

  1. Statement of philosophy, beliefs, mission, or vision;
  2. Major educational needs; and
  3. Student learning goals.

To meet requirements, the board shall appoint and charge a school improvement advisory committee to make recommendations to the board. Based on the committee members' analysis of the needs assessment data, they shall make recommendations to the board about the following components:

  1. Major educational needs;
  2. Student learning goals; and
  3. Long-range goals that include, but are not limited to, the state indicators that address reading, mathematics, and science achievement.

At least annually, the school improvement advisory committee shall also make recommendations to the board with regard to, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Progress achieved with the annual improvement goals for the state indicators that address reading, mathematics, and science;
  2. Progress achieved with other locally determined core indicators; and
  3. Annual improvement goals for the state indicators that address reading, mathematics, and science achievement.

There is a requirement that “all appointive boards, commissions, committees and councils” established by the Code be gender balanced unless otherwise provided by law. An exception exists for the SIAC. However, local boards are advised to pay close attention to gender balancing of SIAC’s.