The Junior Prom will host a spaghetti dinner during the Girls Basketball games on Monday, November 21. We will begin serving during the JV game, and begin cleaning up 1/2 time of the Varsity game. $5.00 for spaghetti, garlic bread, and a drink.
15 days ago, Alyssa Rusk
prom fundraiser
The high school marketing class has been working hard at creating audio, video, and print content that they want shared with our Rebel community to promote our school and showcase the amazing things our students/staff do! Check it out at our new student-run website, Sioux Central HQ! It has been posted as a "button" on our Sioux Central main website or click on this link:
15 days ago, Katie Morris
The Junior Prom will host a spaghetti dinner during the Girls Wrestling meet on Tuesday, November 15. We will begin serving around 4:00 after weigh-ins. $5.00 for spaghetti and a slice of garlic bread.
17 days ago, Alyssa Rusk
Prom meal
Caiden Rebhuhn is our final senior from play to be featured! He is our very own Friar Laurence or Friar Tuck? You’ll have to come to the play to figure out what his true name is and to see him in his first SC production. Caiden is also involved with trapshooting, Quizbowl, and FFA.
20 days ago, Haley Lind
You may have seen this senior in other SC productions such as Legally Blonde and Seussical the Musical. Besides theater, Hannah Illg-Keith is involved with track and field, wrestling, and softball. Her portrayal of “crazy” Lady Capulet is sure to make you laugh!
20 days ago, Haley Lind
Hannah I
Hannah Friedrich will be working backstage this weekend for Romeo and Winifred. She is no stranger to the backstage crew helping with both Legally Blonde and Cyrano de BurgerShack. She even appeared as a Who in Seussical the Musical her freshman year. When not involved with theater, Hannah is a part of NHS and Golf.
20 days ago, Haley Lind
You can see Owen Wilkinson as Romeo today and tomorrow at 7:00 pm at the old school! You might notice just a few differences between this version of Romeo and the original character inspired by Shakespeare. Owen’s previous theater experience includes General Genghis Kahn Schmitz in Seussical the Musical, Cyrano in Cyrano de BurgerShack, and Professor Callahan in Legally Blonde. In addition to theater, Owen is involved in Band, Choir, FFA, Football, Basketball, Track, and Quiz Bowl.
20 days ago, Haley Lind
This senior is in choir, band, volleyball, basketball, track, softball, large group and individual speech, FCA, and NHS! Previously you may have attended her performance as Thing 2 in Seussical the Musical and lights for Cyrano de Burgershack and Legally Blonde. Tonight and tomorrow you can see Halle Laursen as Benvolio. Benvolio acts as a kinsman giving advice to Romeo throughout the play. You will have to attend to see if Romeo takes Benvolio’s advice!
20 days ago, Haley Lind
Halle Laursen
Along with being involved in bowling, track, large group speech, the firefighter program, and the Military, Skyler Lockwood shines on the stage as Lord Capulet in Romeo and Winifred. As he is pondering “2B or not 2B” in Romeo and Winifred, you might recognize him from other SC Stage productions such as Seussical the Musical and Legally Blonde.
20 days ago, Haley Lind
You might have seen Madi Thomsen on stage for a middle school for a play or in Cyrano de BurgerShack her sophomore year. In addition to play, Madi has been involved in Cheer, Dance, Youth Group, Church Council, Golf, FCA, FCCLA, Quiz Bowl, Individual Speech, Large Group Speech, and Student Council. This year in Romeo and Winifred you can see her as Prologue #1 and Shylock!
20 days ago, Haley Lind
Elise Rusk is no stranger to the stage having portrayed JoJo in Seussical the Musical, Roxanne in Cyrano de BurgerShack, and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. In addition to play, Elise Rusk is involved with FCA, Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Large Group and Individual Speech, Football and Basketball Cheer and Golf. Come see her tonight or tomorrow as Winifred Capulet!
20 days ago, Haley Lind
In previous SC productions you may have seen Senior Brooklyn Vanderhoff as Yurtle the Turtle in Suessical the Musical and Margot in Legally Blonde. When she isn’t on stage, she is involved in Dance, FFA, Large Group and Individual Speech, Jazz Choir, Golf, Girl Scouts, and Youth Group. Brooklyn’s portrayal of Nurse Capulet in "Romeo and Winifred" is sure to get you laughing!
20 days ago, Haley Lind
Our first Senior cast member has previously played Creepy the dwarf in the Snow White Variety Show and Nadia in Cyrano de BurgerShack. Sarah is also involved in FFA, 4-H, Bowling, Track, and Wrestling Cheer. Come see her this weekend as Prologue #2 and Max in Romeo and Winifred!
20 days ago, Haley Lind
Spruce Tip make and take event, November 20th from 1-4 at the Peterson Community Center. Register for this awesome fundraiser and get ready for the holiday season.
20 days ago, Kasey Krager
Spruce Tips
One more Sophomore to feature from the play! Ella Haldin plays Officer Escalus. Some middle school students were wishing they got her autograph after seeing her perform in the Wednesday Matinee. We promise you will not be disappointed if you come out to see her and the rest of the Romeo and Winifred cast Friday and Saturday at 7:00 pm!
20 days ago, Haley Lind
Riley, Allison, and Ethan round out our juniors involved with play. Without these three running lights, sound, and backstage changes, the performance truly would not be possible!
21 days ago, Haley Lind
For the 7th and 8th grade boys BB games today...we will play A first followed by the B. Go Rebels!
21 days ago, Alan Vasher
Veterans Day program is Friday, Nov. 11 @ 10:30 in the high school gym. Community members, Veterans and their families are invited to attend.
21 days ago, Angie Vanderhoff
Veterans Day Display
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Today we have some fabulous Juniors to highlight from the play! You will see travelers Gucci (Angel) and Versace (Keyla) who have come to New York to give Lord Montague (Kenny) some advice on his finances. Come see if the advice is solid tomorrow and Saturday!
21 days ago, Haley Lind
Our last crew of sophomores: Jazzmin, Kylie, Skylar, and Taylor. Today they performed a matinee for the 3rd through 7th grade students. I think the laughs from the crowd were an indicator that you are in for a treat when you attend the play this weekend!
22 days ago, Haley Lind